Call on Mayor and Council to Save 950 Kings

Act Now to Preserve Greenspace and Create an Enhanced Community Hub at Blanshard School (950 Kings)

  • Many people in the neighbourhood (and wider community) are concerned about the plans developed by the Capital Regional District and Hospital District (CRD/CRHD) that would eliminate neighbourhood-wide access to 950 Kings.  Once they plans get approved they will be difficult to change.
  • These plans mean that the (approximate) 1.5 acres of existing greenspace and the gymnasium that have been accessed for 50 years by the community would be reserved for residents and patients in the new developments.  Children, youth, family and the wider community would lose access to the gym and programs like Kindergym and youth recreation offered on site by the Quadra Village Community Centre.
  • The CRD/CRHD proposal would mean the quadrant of Bay/Blanshard/Hillside/Quadra would not have a communal green space, would not have a single back yard and would be home to 370 hospital beds and 370 low income housing units (between Kings and Dowler/Wark) and Hillside alone.   This small quadrant is being asked to bear the social housing and healthcare responsibilities that should be spread around the region.
  • With the the CRD/CRHD proposal, the social contract to provide a neighbourhood amenity (Blanshard Elementary and its seven acres)  when Blanshard was pushed through and (Blanshard Court) Evergreen Terrace was built would be broken.  Instead it.will be replaced with a zone of facilities that create grey space.  The ability to have a community hub in Quadra Village that retains existing greenspace, a neighbourhood gym and possible amenities like a water park, daycare and library services would be lost.
  • Fortunately the message that we want a healthy Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood and that we need to Save 950 Kings and create an enhanced Community Hub is gaining momentum! 
  • At the Thursday, May 23 Committee of the Whole Meeting a motion was passed to down zone 950 Kings to ensure that the greenspace and community amenities can be a part of the future at the Blanshard School grounds (see the motion passed by City of Victoria Council at the bottom of this page )
  • Please consider speaking up for a healthy Hillside-Quadra by e-mailing Mayor and Council at
  • Please ensure that you strongly encourage Mayor and Council to Save 950 Kings to ensure the health of the neighbourhood and City.  Let them know that you want them to ensure thbeat the existing amount of green space is preserved on the Blanshard School grounds and that you would like to see a community hub developed at the site that would retain the Neighbourhood Gym and create other amenities important to the neighbourhood (eg:childcare, a library and a water park).

Other ideas and options for e-mailing Council can be found at or going to
Many diverse voices have made a strong case to Save 950 Kings and to create a vibrant community hub in Quadra Village.  We are turning the tide but letters of support are still crucial. 

PS: Here is the final motion on 950 Kings, as adopted:

Ensuring Appropriate Land Use at 950 Kings Road

That Council:
1.    Direct staff to prepare and bring forward for Council’s consideration necessary amendments to the Zoning Regulation Bylaw and the Official Community Plan to limit the permitted uses at 950 Kings Road to:



-community centre;

-gymnasium or fitness centre;

-daycare centre;

-art school;

-cultural centre;

-community garden;



and to restrict the maximum site coverage to:

-a percentage equivalent to the current building footprint.


and to provide the following setbacks:

-westerly (side yard) setback consistent with the existing building;

-southerly (front yard) setback consistent with the existing building.

2.    Direct staff to explore with all the stakeholders, as part of the development of an updated Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Plan, the potential of 950 Kings Road for future residential or health facility development that includes parkland and appropriate community amenities.