Herbal Workshop: Bitters & Gut Health

Part of our series of herbal workshops that will be offered over the summer of 2019 at The People's Apothecary Herbal Medicine Community Garden.

Liza Couse will be hosting this workshop on Bitters & Gut Health (see below for workshop info and facilitator bio).

All are welcome, free to attend! No registration necessary. Community members are encouraged to harvest from the garden.

Contact quadravillage.gardens@gmail.com for more information or visit our Quadra Village Community Gardens Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/518599288880427/

Let’s talk about bitter, the fundamental and frequently forgotten taste instrument for building flavour and resilient health. From enhancing digestive capacities, supporting mood, to balancing blood sugar, the various phytochemicals that deliver the bitter flavour of plants offer a host of benefits. Learn about why plants produce bitter chemicals like alkaloids and saponins and how these challenge and strengthen the body through stimulation of the vagus nerve, the key player in the gut-brain axis. Humans evolved alongside bitter plants and we have the physiology to prove it. Discover the fascinating history of humans’ relationship with bitter plants and how you can make use of bitters in delicious ways as food and medicine in your every day life. We will be smelling, tasting, and examining plants for a beautifully bitter sensory experience!

Liza Couse is easily excited by flowers and other delightful things that grow out of the ground. She is a holistic nutritionist and medical herbalist-in-training enrolled in the Diploma of Phytotherapy program at Pacific Rim College. She has spent nearly a decade working with plants through organic farming, nutrition, cooking, and menu development. Liza has practiced as an independent consultant in Canada and Mexico, and has worked with a holistic health start-up and herbal dispensary. She is currently working with Pacific Rim College Online, a video-based health education platform. She is thrilled to be augmenting her nutritional and agricultural background with the study of Western Herbal Medicine and work with visual technology to disperse health information.